CodeOne, Inc., the leading company in practice management and reimbursement integrations, offers a suite of product, service, and consulting solutions for medical practices of all sizes and specialties.


CodeOne's software features an integrated document management, patient management, and claims management system. Our easy to implement, affordable product allows you to continue practicing medicine the way you are accustomed without requiring you to conform to someone else's workflow. Experience practice efficiencies with reduced paperwork, improved revenue management and faster access to your medical records.


Our in-house billing service features experienced reimbursement specialists utilizing CodeOne's proprietary software product to achieve maximum efficiency. Reimbursement data is imported to an Insight Report, which provides a clear financial picture, enabling you to take actionable measures for improvement. CodeOne's Service clients experience improved practice effectiveness by spending more time practicing medicine and less time battling reimbursement headaches.


CodeOne provides consulting services in areas including practice analysis, coding review, audit reconciliation, managed care contracting, practice compliance, and business coaching. Our team of consultants comes from a diverse background of medical billing, practice management, managed care leadership, and payer organizations. Gain clarity regarding all facets of your operation; contact CodeOne today to help you achieve your goals of a more effective, prosperous practice.